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Meet the Band: 

Karli K (Vocals)JC Michel (Bass & Vocals), Nick T (Drums & Vocals)

Andy R (Guitar & Vocals), & Freddie S (Keyboards & Vocals)  

Experience the essence of the vibrant 1980s with Careless Whisper, the ultimate 80s tribute band. From Duran Duran to Madonna and Journey, the band authentically delivers each iconic tune, transporting audiences back in time.


Beyond the music, Careless Whisper's commitment to detail shines through vibrant wardrobes and dazzling light shows, capturing the bold spirit of the era.


More than a tribute band, Careless Whisper is a cultural phenomenon curator, celebrating music and memories across generations. Whether you're an 80s veteran or a first-time magic seeker, join Careless Whisper for a night of dance, song, and unbridled 80s energy – a time-traveling experience of nostalgia and fun!

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