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Let me guess,

You've either been to our show before, had a bitchin' time, and are anxiously awaiting the next time we gig in your town..


You've heard through the grapevine that there's a HOT NEW 1980s cover band and you're, like, TOTALLY an '80s fanatic (who doesn't love Bon Jovi?) and can't wait to pull out your leg warmers and finally rock with us!



We've added an email list that you can join to get reminders of our upcoming gigs! Now you can stay up-to-date, mark your calendar, invite your friends, and have an awesome weekend to talk about at work on Monday. 

We know, 

We are EQUALLY as excited to meet you and party with you! Drop your email below and start digging through your closet for anything neon!

Join our mailing list for show updates

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